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Our recent work.

We're Atomic Duo. We make stuff so awesome you'll wanna slap yourself.
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We were commissioned to design a logo and website for Cocktail — a development platform that takes the pain out of coding. We really enjoyed working on this project as it gave us a chance to flex our Metro-style muscles.
Details Open project


TechTrade is a certified manufacturer, designer and supplier of unique medical devices and personal protective equipment. We were commissioned with redesigning their old website. We also made a few firemen happy with our beautiful leaflets.
Details Open project


SharpCrafters is a software company that builds apps for developers. Their flagship product is PostSharp (an aspect-oriented framework for .NET). We helped with redesigning their website, their SEO campaigns and several other design work when needed.
Details Open project


We have been with FLABéLOS from the start. From creating the online presence to creating magazine articles and flyers, we’ve been through it all. This is a new and upcoming fitness company with a wide selection of great products.
Details Open project


A time-tracking web application, which is still in the making but we hear it’s going to be awesome when it’s done. Our job was to make the logo and a landing page for the app.
Details Open project
Beauty with Claire
Beauty with Claire

Beauty with Claire

This simple yet effective business presentation for a client’s beauty service has increase her foot traffic ten fold!
Details Open project

Our not-so-secret recipe to pixel-perfect designs.

In the initial phase, we ask a lot of questions: about you, your needs, goals and dreams. The aim is to find out who, what, when how and why. To get to know you as best we can so we can deliver a custom solution that’s perfect for you.
Oh no, a creative storm is coming! But don’t worry; you don’t need an umbrella for this one. We typically start with a concept review and once it’s chosen, we move to design reviews, where we refine the vision and then move on to developing the solution. Get ready for the hurricane of ideas coming your way!
This is the dirty part, where we move pixels around the screen in fantastical ways to bring your ideas and vision to life. This is also the time when we add the backend to take our creation to task and make it useful to the visitor.
Can you feel it? We’re almost there! After we complete the creation, we finalize even the smallest details and go through every pixel to ensure it’s exactly what you’re looking for.
Finito! Now it’s time to show your creation to the world!

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Who we are.

Who are we? Well, in the simplest of terms, we’re a web, print and interface design agency in the Czech Republic, that’s full of creative, energetic people who are ready and happy to bring your creation to life.

Grant The head honcho

Hailing from Billings, Montana USA, Grant earned his degree in Business Management and Computer Science. He handles all aspects of the company, from project management to sales. Don’t tell anyone, but we secretly believe he’s a mad scientist in his free time.

Peterz The jack of all trades

Born in the North, Peterz traversed one half of the world before settling down in Prague. He has a Viking work ethic, and his background brings a unique skillset to Atomic Duo. From Adwords to SEO, project management to planning and bad jokes to legendary patience, Peterz rounds out our explosive crew.

Leo The mechanic

If it's broken, he fixes it. Armed with a degree in Graphic Design and a lifelong passion for technology, Leo does battle with everything from Photoshop to Wordpress and occasionally a race of small gremlins that feed on HTML.

Lilly The intern

Lilly dabbles in the vast world of social media, content creation and inbound marketing consulting.

Kristy The pixel engineer

A proud graphic design geek, Kristy loves to perform pixel-pushups in Photoshop in the mornings, eat vectors in Illustrator for breakfast and occasionally use InDesign as a DTP breather. Oh yeah, and she loves to listen to jazz all day long.

Michal The alpha nerd

Michal is the happiest when he's coming up with clever ways to code the impossible. His goal is being able to code anything you can imagine. He likes Javascript and swing dancing, and he dislikes Internet Explorer 8. Grant talks to him, so you don't have to.

Abi The Tabby

When not eating or meowing, Abi can be found resting in the sunlight pondering life’s greatest mysteries. Or dreaming of mice, we still don’t know which.

Our mission. Our passion.

Atomic Duo started with the idea that working with a graphic design company shouldn’t be frustrating. Time and time again we witnessed the disappointment in clients when an agency would build up their expectations and then fail to deliver. Our goal is to make pixel-perfect designs at an affordable price while delivering no nonsense service. It’s important to us that our customers be completely satisfied with all stages of the creative process and we work our butts off to make this happen.

Atomic Duo stands at the junction of design and functionality: the explosive combination of beauty meets brains. A beautiful website falls on its face if it doesn’t work; just as a perfectly working website that’s ugly and poorly designed also fails. Here at Atomic Duo, we live and breathe beautiful, functional websites.

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How to reach us?

Based in the middle of Europe, in the magical city of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. We're currently working from our comfy cozy little office. You're welcome to drop by anytime. We can make a mean cup of Joe. True story.

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